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This could, he says, get a “100 kilogram robotic craft to Mars in three days”. A craft occupied by humans would take slightly longer — but at a month, it would still be significantly shorter than current transit estimates.WIRED. Current estimates from Nasa put travel time to Mars for humans at five months, at the absolute best.Now Nasa engineers are wondering if there might be a way to solve that problem without even leaving Earth. Lubin notes that the system would work best on unmanned spaceships — robots are better equipped to explore deep space, he says, and the systems would work better if they were “wafer thin”. The added benefit is that very little fuel would be required on board the craft itself — keeping weight, and cost, to a minimum.

With a large, reflective sail, Lubin suggests, it would be “possible to generate enough momentum to accelerate a spacecraft” via lasers pulsing light from the surface of the Earth.Photonic propulsion, as it is properly known, is a theoretical system that would use particles of light to propel objects through space. And which, put simply, is more or less a giant laser designed to push spacecraft to incredible speeds.jpg A giant laser, with ‘photonic propulsion’, can be designed to push spacecraft to incredible speedsFor all its real-life benefits and future potential for saving our entire civilisation, space Non corrosive fixture travel is still a long-term effort. Though particles of light have no mass, they do have energy and momentum — and it’s this energy that, when reflected off an object, is transferred into a push.

Lubin supposes that the system could propel crafts to an “unheard of” 30 per cent the speed of light. “There is no known reason why we could not do this,” said Lubin. It’s possible that we might be able to explore potentially habitable planets outside our solar system — though communicating with craft around even our nearest neighbouring star, Alpha Centauri (distance: four light years), would still pose enormous technical problems.A giant laser, with ‘photonic propulsion’, can be designed to push spacecraft to incredible speedsMARTIAN-MOVIE.end-of.Sending AI to solar systems so quickly would still have “huge benefits”, though.

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